The Mineral Processing Research Centre is engaged in R&D activities in areas related to mineralogy and mineral processing, underground coal gasification, product development chemical evaluation, technological promotion and industrial relations.

Most of the ores, as mined, are not suitable for industrial utilization till the undesirable impurities are removed. It is, therefore, essential to develop a suitable upgrading procedure for every ore first at the laboratory scale and then run pilot plant scale trails to establish its industrial viability. Based on beneficiation studies, process flow sheets and pre-investments feasibilities are prepared which assist in taking investment decisions for the establishment of mineral utilization industries. The Multipurpose Ore Beneficiation Pilot Plant (MOB) is the first integrated unit within the county that has specifically designed and established at the Mineral Processing Research Centre, PCSIR, Lahore for undertaking beneficiation studies on almost all types of ores and minerals.

The R&D activities of the centre broadly relates to:

  • Identification and evaluation of the mineral resources
  • Beneficiations of ores
  • Testing and evaluation of metals and other industrial products
  • Evaluation and washibility of coal
  • Product development
  • Feasibility reports on different mineral based product industries
  • Advisory and consultancy services
  • Internship and training facilities to the mineral based industries and universities.

The centre is divided into different sections to carry out research and development work in specialized research areas.

Mineral Processing Section

This section has a mineral processing laboratory and multipurpose ore beneficiation pilot plant, which is a centralized facility capable of beneficiation studies on almost all types of metallic and non-metallic minerals. It undertakes studies on the beneficiation of mineral raw materials to produce concentrates which provide feed stock for metallurgical operations and value added product.

Mineralogy / Petrography Section

It is engaged in microscope, petrography mineralogical and textural classification of rocks and mineral.

Coal Technology Section

This section undertakes test work on the washibility / cleaning of coal and chemical evaluation of coal. It is equipped with bomb calorimeter to determine calorific value of coal, diesel and furnace oil, rice husk, waste sludge wheat straw and related fuels. At present this section is involved in working on underground coal gasification, which is a project of national importance

Product Development Section

It is primarily engaged in the activities of process development and production of industrial chemicals from indigenous and locally available raw material as per demand. The section is also establishing infrastructure for the production of developed chemicals on semi pilot scale production.

Hydrometallurgy Section

This section is involved in hydrometallurgy, solvent extraction and bioleaching processes. This aim of this section is fixed on extraction of antimony, nickel, cobalt, magnesium and previous metals from indigenous raw materials.

Analytical Section

This section is provided with facilities to carry out conventional and instrumental analysis of mineral and ores, industrial products and waste materials. It is equipped with the most advance instruments such as Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.


  1. Project of National Interest
  2. The Mineral Processing Research Centre (MPRC) has undertaken projects in areas related to mineral and metallurgy. A number of processes have been developed and technologies transferred to the prospective investors. Some of the more significant projects include:

    • Saindak Copper project in Balochistan
    • Graphite processing plant in PCSIR labs Lahore.
    • Nepheline Syenite processing plant in Peshawar.
    • Material evaluation for Kalabagh Dam
    • Processing of pyrite, sand mixture and gravels for Ghazi-Barotha power project, Mangla Dam, Raising Project and Bhasha Dam Project.
    • Neumarous feasibility studies have been completed as in-house R&D and sponsored projects of clients e.g. SDA, WAPDA, BDA, ICI, PAKSTEEL, PMDC, NESPAK, AKMIDC, FATA, PECO, etc.
  3. Process Developed By Using Indigenous Ores
  4. For Industrial utilization suitable industrial processes have been developed in MPRC by upgrading the number of low grade ores/minerals on laboratory and pilot plant scale e.g.

    • Iron ores from Chagai, Chilghazi, Pachinkoh, Chichendik, Noukandi, Kalabagh, Chiniot
    • Lead-zinc ore from Besham, Khuzdar, Duddar
    • Chromites Ore from Muslim Bagh, Malakand
    • Graphic Ore from Azad Kashmir, Malakand
    • Antimony Ore from Krinj, Khuzdar
    • Barite, Balochistan
    • Sulphur Ore from Koh-i- Sultan
    • Nephyline Synite from Koga (Swat)
    • Magnetic Deposits from Kumhar (Khyber Pakhtunkhawa)
    • Laterite Ore from Ziarat
    • Copper Ores from Northern Areas
    • Up gradation of Scheelite Ore from Chitral for extraction of Tungsten Metal
    • Extensive work has also been done on the utilization of local coal deposits from Chua Sedan Shah, Lakhra, Kotli, Dukki, (Balochistan), Makerrwal and Thar as a cheap source of energy.
  5. Development Of Industrial Chemicals
  6. Following industrial chemicals have been developed, produced and supplied to different clients. Other products of great industrial value have been produced on laboratory scale such as Coated industrial Minerals and Electroplating salts

    • Development of Heat treatment salts
    • Development of organic Brighteners for Nickel and Zinc Electroplating Baths.
    • Development of Lead Peroxide, Lead Carbonate, Lead Acetate, Lead Nitrate
    • Development of Barium Nitrate, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Magnesium Stearate & Barium Chlorate
    • Development of Zinc Stearate
    • Development / Production of indelible Ink / Pad Ink for election process for Punjab Election Authority, Gilgit Baltistan Election Commission
    • Development of cleaning chemicals i.e. Fluboric acid, Electrolyte A-34, Nickel Fluborate, Hot Alkaline Electrolytic Cleaning Compound etc. for electroplating process.

Services Offered

  • Chemical Evaluation
  • Chemical analysis of ores, minerals, rocks, products and natural material.

  • Mineralogy
  • Studies on the determination of mineral composition of mineral raw materials, products etc., Phase identification by

  • Mineral Processing
  • Almost all types of ores and minerals by various units operation and beneficiation techniques on laboratory and pilot plant scale. Preparation of specific size fractions according to ASTM C-33 and ASTM C-260. Grinding upto 325 #. Size analysis of ground material, grindibility test (Bond Work Index). Potential Alkali reactivity of aggregates (ASTM C-289)

  • Coal Testing
  • Washibility / cleaning, chemical evaluation, calorific value of coal, diesel and furnace oil, rice husk, waste sludge wheat straw and related fuels.

  • Flowsheet Development
  • Development of flowsheets based on experimental results on laboratory and pilot plant scale as per processing of given materials.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • MPRC offers to prepare feasibility studies on mineral processing and mineral utilization Projects

  • Advisory Services
  • These are available to all interested agencies in the public and private sector on mutually agreed terms and conditions.