PCSIR being a leading R&D organization is Host Institute (HI) for the Lahore Technology Business Incubation Centre (TBIC). PCSIR is the biggest infrastructure of R&D which has unique combination of multidirectional research activities and achievements. It offers the incubatees for collaboration in developing business for innovative ideas/technologies and flourishing new entrepreneurs as well as SME’s.


At incubator we provide

    Secretariat Services:

  • Furnished office space with internet & phone
  • Access to fax, photocopying, printing & courier services
  • Conference room equipped with multimedia
  • Support staff and canteen services

    Technical Services:

  • Laboratories & Equipment Facilities
  • Development of Process & Formulation
  • Pilot Plant Scale Studies and Production
  • Preparation of Techno-economical feasibility reports
  • Designing, Fabrication & Erection of Plants
  • Equipments & Machinery supply

    Business/Legal Support Services:

  • Assistance in making business plans, income tax and Legal Affairs
  • Training to develop entrepreneurship
  • Feasibility of business/product

    Intellectual Property Rights:

  • Awareness of intellectual property rights
  • Assistance in filing patents, copyrights, design rights and trademarks
  • Facilitation in filling international patents

Various Research Centres of PCSIR Lahore

PCSIR has ten research centres assisted with state of art equipment and latest machinery at different pilot plants for production of products at pilot scale.

    01. Applied Chemistry Research Centre
    02. Applied Physics, Computers & Instrumentation Centre
    03. Centre for Environmental Protection Studies
    04. Centre for Development of Laboratory Equipment
    05. Electrical Measurement Test Laboratory
    06. Engineering Service Centre
    07. Food & Biotechnology Research Centre
    08. Glass & Ceramics Research Centre
    09. Mineral Processing Research Centre
    10. Pakistan Institute of Technology for Minerals & Advanced Engineering Materials

We have expertise in

  • Advanced Engineering Materials
  • Nano Coating and powders
  • Material characterization
  • Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Food
  • Leather, textile, Dyes and Paints
  • Cosmetics, Oil, Polymers and animal feeds
  • Material of construction, rocks and soil
  • Mineral processing, ores, metals & Alloys
  • Glass ceramics & Electrical Appliances
  • Parts manufacturing by CNC machines

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We also provide

  • Non-destructive material evaluation
  • Testing & calibration services
  • Processing/Production and advisory services
  • Environment Monitoring and effluent treatment
  • Produce a wide range of laboratory equipment
  • Advisory services for ISO certification/Accreditation